Lamarcus Brice, 22 – Mar 7, 1994 ~ Dec 18, 2016

Lamarcus Brice - December 2016

Lamarcus Brice passed away in Baltimore, MD.

Lamarcus Brice, a Florida native, passed away after complications stemmed from having seizures. He was an aspiring athlete and had a huge love for gym including maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Brice left behind  many siblings and a lot of friends.  He was a very cool and humble guy who enjoys watching college games and playing ball with his deaf buddies. 

Brice attended Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine, Florida with his brothers. He later moved to Maryland to start a new life with a special friend.  

His blood family opted for cremation instead of burial. #RIPLamarcusBrice

His link: Lamarcus Brice’s Facebook