Three Deaf Women Murdered in Haiti!

Members Passing April 18, 2017
Deaf Haitian Women Murdered!

Deaf Haitian Women Murdered!
Deaf Haitian Women Murdered!
In, Haiti, Three Deaf ladies were killed in city of Leveque. The victims were friends and out looking for food stock in the Haitian capital when they left their village which led them on a 20 miles trip by foot due to lack of transportation. The slayings was caused by people believing Deafness is a curse and bring bad luck to others. Those women were beaten, stabbed and burned including having their tongues cut out.

These slayings of disabled folks are widely ignored in their country due to cultural prejudices and corrupted justice system. The murders of Jesula Gelin, Vanessa Previl and Monique Vincent sparked a rare outcry and protest for justice. These killings make disabled women and girls vulnerable to violence leading to death.

Their bodies were found the next morning in a ditch along the way.

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