Toriana Judge Shot And Killed In Broward County, Florida

Toriano Judge Shot And Killed

Toriano Judge Shot And KilledPolice said the victim, identified as Toriano Judge, 37, was found unconscious outside his home, just a few houses down from where he was shot and killed.

Judge was shot by Raheem Fulton after an argument over a phone that was left behind in robbery against Judge in his home. It was reported that Judge used the cellphone as evidence to identity of the person who stole from his home. 

Fulton confronted him at a local store to retrieve the phone from Judge which led to the shooting in broad daylight. 

Toriano Judge was 37.

Raheem Fulton, of Fort Lauderdale, was picked up Monday in Lauderhill on an arrest warrant two weeks after Judge’ death, police said.

He is locked up in the Broward Main Jail on a murder charge and an armed-robbery charge, records show.

Fulton and his 37-year-old victim, Toriano Judge, knew each other before the Nov. 25 shooting and had an rilvary between them.

Raheem Fulton Shot And Killed Toriano Judge In Lauderhill

Raheem Fulton arrested for Judge’s death.

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